Puberty Smells, Bells & Whistles Update: I found Instructions!

I found some INSTRUCTIONS!!!!!!!!

God I love Google.

Look at what my internet trawling discovered…..

Screen Shot 2017-06-08 at 5.25.11 pm

That’s right People.

Some instructions on how to address the onset of puberty AND its tailored for our Mini Male Munchkins with special and extra needs. I know, right? Celebration time.

Whooooo Hoooooo. [Sound of the champagne cork popping]

So excited that this is in part, the guide and the answer I was looking for.

I have ordered my copy and will let you know once it arrives if it is worth the hefty price tag.

EX.CITE.ED  Yes, Indeedy I am.

If you wish, you can order yours from Booktopia which I did (Australia) or visit Secret Girls’ Business direct.

And as the name suggests – yes. They have books for Special Girls’ too. Actually, they have 2.

Please still send me your nuggets of info about how you approached this topic with your child. Books are a fabulous guide however, nothing beats personal experience for me.

Lot of love everyone,

Neve xx

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