What is Noctilucent?

Translated it means night shining.

It’s the name of those beautiful clouds that you can only see at dusk or dawn. They shine white and bright blue like a beacon against the darkened sky whilst regular clouds are seen as dark patches.

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Noctilucent clouds. Nature’s Divine Art. And it’s FREE!

There is a primal magnificence in those clouds that is personal to the beholder. As per nature’s Illuminated Art there for all to see, there is “Art” to be viewed within a thought.

So, in our world fuelled by endless expectations, I am working on finding the Art in my thoughts, quietening them down and getting my balance right.

Now is the time to say:

Welcome to the unfiltered and continuously percolating ideas of a classic over-thinker.

There, I said it. Run-away brain syndrome anyone?  Can you relate?

As a woman, Mum, friend, lover, and warrior, I’m both flawed and flawless. I laugh, misstep, kick goals, f up royally and drink wine. Sometimes simultaneously!

From Pinterest 1950's smoking girl

And just like art, my thoughts are subjective. They may resonate or rile. I say as you visit, just remember this little nugget of wisdom:

Opinions are like arseholes and everyone has one.

Yes my friend – Even you. Share it or not. I hope together we can reject the bullshit expectation that you have to be anything other than who you are. And who is that? I’m excited to find out.

Righto then. Time to connect and share our collective experiences without filters to keep life real. We all have something to teach and to learn. Let’s share a laugh along the way as we normalize this crazy ride called life.

Neve 💕

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