Coffee anyone?  ☕️

I’m always up for a coffee catch up.


I love the meeting of minds over a strong expresso. Where the tribe gets together and we celebrate our similarities and differences that are invisibility woven throughout each of our lives, connecting us like a giant tapestry.

That’s what I want to build for us here.  A safe space to seek advice, offer constructive opinions and to share a laugh. The ultimate in the virtual coffee catch up, where we can chat with friends we trust.

My best advice and help has come from those coffee catch ups.

Soy latte, cappuccino, skinny flat white; my coffee catch up tribe have knowingly or unknowingly, lifted me up so I could face the day. If anyone had a problem, the brains trust would snap into gear to find a solution.

Serious topics like marriage issues, sex, lady hormones, children are forensically examined and then other times coffee is just a moment of healthy carefree laughter and gay abandon. Respite from reality.

Whatever the issue, whatever the topic: Answers always delivered without judgement. And always, always kept within the tribe.

I may not have agreed with their comments or opinions but that is the beauty of independent free choice. Listening to their experiences, offering mine led to some fascinating ideas.

So grab a coffee, cuppa Joe, or tea if that’s your thing. Settle in and let’s catch up.  As always, there’s so much to discuss.

SP 💕