Addressing the baby elephant in the room and no I am not referring to anyone’s behind,

 – deep breath – 

I have been MIA.

Yup. I know. I have.

And I owe you an apology for that.

Because you have been amazing in supporting me and encouraging me to keep going. To persist with Noctilucent. To give a voice to issues where I can.

And so I’m sorry.  Forgive me for being absent and for what looks like giving up because believe me, I haven’t.

Nocti isn’t a one hit wonder for me or a transient hobby. It is a passion of mine and a deeply felt need to promote change and support others in similar situations to me, you, us. To vent or muse (or both) on life in general.

Well, where have I been, I hear you ask?

Here. Just quiet.

Squirrelled away in the office (read: bedroom) working on another project Nocti related and that excites me no end. Hopefully, I can reveal all soon.

But then I have also been dividing my time working on the back end, the unsexy operational mechanics of the site. Critically important things that you can’t see yet, but hopefully will feel soon. The back end stuff FRIES MY BRAIN because it is of absolutely no interest to me and finding the right people to assist in getting the site to run flawlessly has been a monumental challenge. Groannnn…….

Anyway, today I lifted my head up to greet the world and rise above the trenches of life. And, WTF? It’s September. Nearly school holidays again. Where did all that time go? I’ve been “doing it-doing it’, like the faithful rat on the wheel, living the routine, supporting my family, bandaging scraped knees and suddenly bang! Here we are. SEP. TEM. BER!!  It really woke me up. In the sense that I have not been present. Not here. Not in my daily life. Not in respite.

I have been caught in the fog of routine and living in a schedule where I am ticking the things off each week that need to be done and then planing the logistics of the next tranche of activities. It woke me to the fact that I have been just existing or mindlessly living. No wonder months have past without my true awareness. And now I wonder how many precious moments I’ve missed by being physically in the room but mentally checking off or constructing new, to do lists?

I don’t want that anymore.

It’s a bad habit. I missing things and it’s time for a change.

Mindful living is where I’m positioning myself personally and that includes Nocti. Nocti is still very much a part of me and your support of it (and therefore me) has meant everything. What is means for Nocti is that I’ll now be posting monthly until next year.

Righto then – Going full circle:

Thank you again for your support and encouragement. Please accept my heartfelt apologies for falling off the radar.

Stay tuned for my next post where I hopefully, can reveal some exciting news for Nocti.

Thank you for still being here. I value, respect and love that you have chosen to be part of our Nocti tribe.

Should you have anything you would like me to chat about in upcoming posts, drop me a line. (See below). Or perhaps you may like to provide any feedback about what you want to see on Nocti or how it can work better, yeah? Let me know. Would mean the world to me if you did.

Ok then – Until next month, keep rocking it your own way.

Neve xx