Who is Neve?

As the only neurotypical in my household, I’m considered the “odd” one or the neurodivergent in my Autism Spectrum Dominant family.

A full time Mum to our gorgeous boy and wife to the love of my life, my journey has been a rollercoaster ride from Occupational Therapist to Mumma Bear where I’m constantly learning about Autism, Anxiety, Parenthood, Perfectionism and Love.


In addition to our 2 nutbag, nosey and noisey hairy hounds, my family all teach me daily what patience and love is.


Generous, Cranky, Smart Arse, Anxious, Strong, Funny, and Known-to-Love-A-Drink are just some of my descriptors.

Yet we are all so much more than any diagnosis or label.

My aim is to encourage us all to look beyond the boxes we put ourselves and each other in, and to appreciate the beauty we share in our similarities and differences.

Neve 💕

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