Mum to our gorgeous boy and wife to the love of my life, my journey has been a rollercoaster ride from Occupational Therapist to Mumma Bear. For me – It’s a constantly steep learning curve. Most of the time, it’s a full throttle head butt smash into life to reveal the hard lessons about myself. Yes, in answer to your question. Often, I have a headache.

Memoranda Samantha  = My musing on life. Autism, Anxiety, Parenthood, Perfectionism and Love. All significant parts of my daily jigsaw.


Trying to outrun traffic via my “not-so-secret” side street rat runs on the daily commute, a deeply primal passion for shoes combined with a savage obsession with wine and cheese fill up any remaining free spaces. Actually, coffee features too.

Now a researcher with a special interest in Autism, this Mum/Lady/Adult caper teaches me daily what patience, multi-tasking and endless love is.


Generous, Cranky, Smart Arse, Anxious, Strong, Funny, and Carb loving are just some of my descriptors.

Yet we are all so much more than any diagnosis or label.

My aim is to encourage us all to look beyond the boxes we put ourselves in, to appreciate the beauty we share in our similarities and differences, and know that we’re all doing our best whatever that may look like.

Let the memo’s begin.

SP x